Freedom Kayaks

Adaptive Kayaks for People with a Challenge
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What Are Freedom Kayaks?

They are adaptive kayaks. Our EM1 kayak is designed for people of all ages who want to be able to confidently enter or re-enter the kayak with or without the use of their legs. Whether you are physically disabled, or have a social or psychological challenge that keeps you from enjoying kayaking, our goal is to help remove barriers to your freedom so you can enjoy kayaking!

Freedom Adaptive Kayaks

Our Mission:

Our mission is provide our customers with 100% independence in the water. Our adaptive kayaks give the paddler the option to ask for a hand in re-entering, but our designs give you the independence to re-enter without assistance. In the past, the paddler needed the use of their legs in some capacity to enter or re-enter the kayak. With Freedom Kayaks adaptive kayak, use of your legs is not necessary, so you regain your independence and your freedom!

What Makes Our Adaptive Kayak A Step Above?

  • Our patent pending design includes sponsons that can be opened to enter or re-enter the kayak, and folded back on top of the kayak while kayaking or for storage.
  • There are no pontoons or other adaptive equipment that remains in place during kayaking. Once the sponsons are closed, your kayak will look like a non-adaptive kayak.
  • We provide training on entry and re-entry tailored to individual needs.
  • We are dedicated to helping you regain your independence and your freedom, while allowing you to enjoy adaptive kayaking alone or with companions.
  • We produce a quality adaptive kayak that will perform reliably and provide years of enjoyment!

Freedom Kayaks' Entry/Re-Entry System is Designed For Comfort and Engineered to be Reliable & Durable!
Freedom Kayaks Adapative Kayak Handle for Entry . . . . . . . . Freedom Kayaks Adaptive Kayak Sponson Wear Plate