Freedom Kayaks

Adaptive Kayaks for People with a Challenge


What Makes Freedom’s EM1 Design Unique?

It’s our patent pending ‘hidden’ adaptations! Through vision, hard work, and with a lot of helping hands, we have made an adaptive kayak that generations of people, challenged or not, will be able to enjoy.

With Freedom Kayaks retractable sponson design, there are no visible adaptive equipment when kayaking.

How Do Freedom Kayaks Work?

Freedom Kayaks’ unique patent pending retractable sponsons are engineered (molded) into the kayak.

Opening the sponsons during entry and re-entry provides these benefits:

  • Stabilizes the kayak
  • Makes entry and re-entry easier and less tiresome
  • Makes entry and re-entry much quicker

Freedom Kayaks Sponsons Open

A secondary handle is also integrated into our adaptive kayak design. This removable handle can be attached to the kayak during entry or re-entry.

Once you have entered the kayak, fold the sponsons back into position over the front of the kayak. And replace the splash guard.

Freedom Kayaks One Sponson Open

And, now you have a adaptive kayak that looks like a non-adaptive kayak. There are no pontoons or other stabilizers to alert other kayakers that you using an adaptive kayak. This provides you with an enjoyable adaptive kayaking adventure without any of the “adaptive” add ons of other adaptive kayaks.

Freedom Kayaks Sponsons Closed

It’s comments like "I had no idea that that it is an adaptive kayak", that we value the most.

Freedom Kayaks' innovative sponsons are designed for reliable function and durability:

Freedom Kayaks adaptive kayak sponson design

Freedom Kayak adaptive kayak handle design

Freedom Kayaks adapative kayak hinge arm design